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The Juli Spendley Foundation


Our mission is to support to sufferers of Neuro-Endocrine Cancer whilst
promoting awareness in the medical community to ensure early diagnosis and treatment


In September 2009,  Juli Spendley was diagnosed with Neuro-Endocrine Tumors (NETs),
a rare and poorly understood form of cancer which affects a minority of the cancer suffering population.

Much like many other forms of cancer, Neuro‐Endocrine Tumors can affect the Liver, Pancreas, Digestive Tract, Bone and the Lungs. However unlike some ore common cancers, NETs are quite rare, it is believed that there are up to 3000 new cases diagnosed every year (only around 1% of the UK cancer diagnosis rate) and are usually slow growing tumours often spreading to multiple organs, and as such are rarely diagnosed at a sufficiently early stage to facilitate effective treatment by conventional methods.

In June 2010, having been frustrated by the general lack of understanding of this life threatening condition,
Juli and her family set up the JULI SPENDLEY FOUNDATION, to assist sufferers, who like herself, have been denied funding for specific targeted treatments that could prolong their lives; as well as helping to bring a better understanding of this disease to the medical profession allowing faster diagnosis and earlier treatment.

NET Cancer Day UK Patient Stories


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The Juli Spendley Foundation is currently providing individual financial support for vital Targeted Radiation Therapy to be provided at
the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead for which funding has been denied by the Dorset Primary Care (NHS) Trust
The Foundation is currently seeking charity status.